This week, ADS attended the UK Trade and Export Finance Forum to learn about opportunities and support available to business from a finance perspective as the UK aims to grow its exports.

UK Government Export Revival

The revival of the UK Government’s export ambition and support for finance credit is part of a larger Government focus to revolutionise the UK’s approach to exports and encourage more businesses into selling goods overseas. Last month the Government published a new export strategy, Made in the UK, sold to the World you can read our blog on the new strategy here.

In additional to this, there are extensions to UK Export Finance and what they are able to offer to industry:

Key messages from the Forum

The 4th annual UK Trade & Export Finance Forum hosted by UKEF was opened with a speech from the Minister for exports, Mike Freer, who emphasised the message that British businesses must harness the opportunities created by the UK’s new trade deals.

During the pandemic global trade has been significantly disrupted and UKEF made it clear that they intended to offer support for businesses who can export and grow to further strengthen them. The agility and innovative nature of the products that UKEF offers, provides a package of support to exporting businesses like no other.

According to speeches, the risk appetite of UKEF is developing with a technology and green agenda focus.  UKEF is now including carbon linked measures in its T’s & C’s and looking at growth markets based on carbon measures.

Green momentum

The forum had a whole panel discussion focused on the green momentum that exists currently, and in his opening remarks, Louis Taylor, Chief Executive of UKEF noted that Government sets the regulatory environment, but the private sector underpins investment and the need the support to do. Speakers at the forum acknowledged that the green agenda would be disruptive, but that UKEF would ensure it evolves to best support businesses and evolve a new sustainable economic base.

One key takeaway from the forum is that UKEF felt the biggest barriers to improving green capabilities or investments in the green export agenda is the pace at which new technologies are being implemented. Climate change pressures are inhibiting the ability to develop certain infrastructures, but UKEF is determined to support businesses in achieving their goals and new growing businesses, especially those that support the wider climate change agenda.

For more information on the products and services that UKEF offer, members should visit the website.