On Wednesday 29 June, 17 teams from across the country went head-to-head in the UK Youth Rocketry Challenges (UK ROC), National Finals.

This year’s teams, like many ADS Members have faced supply chain challenges, however persevering throughout the competition the 17 teams of 77 11-18-year-olds are ready to launch their model rockets with a fragile payload of two raw eggs.

To be in with a chance of winning, each rocket must reach at least 835 feet within a goal time of 44 seconds and return the fragile payload back to ground.

Let’s meet some of this year’s teams!

KESmonauts, Bath  



Inspired by 2021 winners, Team Vesuvius, 2022 team KESmonauts were excited at the opportunity to apply their favourite subjects (maths and physics) to a real life engineering challenge. Throughout the competition, the KESmonauts have enjoyed problem solving and working together through a difficult challenge.

Fun Fact about KESmonauts: All members of the team aspire to work in the Engineering industry.

2419 (Quedgeley) Sqn RAF Air Cadets, Gloucester

2419 (Quedgeley) Sqn RAF Air Cadets


The 2419 (Quedgeley) Sqn RAF Air Cadets, Gloucester entered UK ROC after their Squadron leaders wanted to:

“Do something difference with the cadets that would further their interest in STEM activities and the challenge seemed perfect – it also seemed pretty cool to be building a rocket.”

Following their registration, the cadets were up for a challenge and excited by building a rocket, something they’ve never done before.

Fun fact: The 2419 (Quedgeley) Sqn RAF Air Cadet’s rocket is inspirited by the AIM 9 Sidewinder Air to Air missile.

Ridgeway Rocket Club, Swindon

Ridgeway Rocket Club


The Ridgeway Rocket Club had been interested in rockets for a while, especially since playing Kerbal Space Program on the computer. Like many teams in the competition, the opportunity to design, build and launch a model rocket excited the team.

Fun Fact: The Ridgeway Rocket Club, after lots of searching online for various rocket components are concerned they are now on a government watchlist!

WHSB Year 8 Rocketry Team, Stow Maries

WHSB Year 8 Rocketry Team


WHSB Year 8 Rocketry Team got involved in the competition because all team members have a passion for rocketry, STEM and Space with some of the team members considering careers in engineering.

What excites you about the competition?

“This phenomenal opportunity, this competition, takes model rocketry to the extreme, that is what excites us about this opportunity.”

Fun Fact: The first rocket we ever built together was named ‘Stewart’ after the musician/singer ‘Rod Stewart.’ This was because the first rocket (Stewart) failed on the ‘Rod’ (A Rod Stewart joke in there somewhere…)

Huddrosnauts, West Yorkshire



Team Huddrosnauts aren’t particularly athletic but have a very strong interest in STEM and like rockets. Many of the team really like science and this is one of the first steps on the team’s journey to becoming scientists.

Fun Fact: The favourite sweet of the team is Percy Pigs (please sponsor us, M&S!).

Rocket Men, London 

Rocket Men


The Rocket Men got involved with the competition after their team leader (Simeon) who launches rockets in his spare time found out about the competition. Simeon then told the rest of the about it and wanted to compete and share the hobby of rocketry with the rest of them.

What excited you about the competition

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to create and build something and for it to actually work and be able to say it was all of us with no help.”

Fun Fact: The eggs used in our first test flight were then used after for an egg sandwich.

About ADS Youth Rocketry Challenge

The UK Youth Rocketry Challenge (UKROC) sponsored by Lockheed Martin and Reaction Engines, is a national competition for young people aged 11 – 18 from any secondary schools, colleges, educational facilities or youth groups to design, build and launch a model rocket with a fragile payload (usually raw eggs).

The rocket must reach a set altitude with specific total flight duration and must adhere to the specific set rules. The competition’s rules and scoring parameters change each year to challenge young people’s ingenuity and encourage a fresh approach to rocket design.

This year, an international final will be held at Farnborough International Airshow, and the National Champions of the UK will compete against teams from the US, Japan and France.

If you’d like to find out more about ADS’ UK Youth Rocketry Challenge, please visit the website, and to keep up to date with the latest blast offs, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!