ADS is pleased to launch the Prime & SME Community Group (PaSMEC). The member group has been created to provide a purposeful and proactive community that unites supplier cohorts to create inclusive and supportive partnerships for the long-term health of the aerospace, defence, security and space industries.

The PaSMEC will officially launch in July 2022 and will feature co-chairs representing both the Prime Contractor & SME Communities to drive a jointly developed agenda that develops the readiness, due diligence, agility, and flexibility that sits at the fulcrum of Prime-to-Sub and Consortia relationships.

The group will work through and alongside Government and Industry initiatives that support market inclusivity of SMEs and will generate a range of networking and market intelligence gathering opportunities for collaborative members and subscribers of the group.

Group Facilitator and ADS Head of Defence Commercial, Scott Cattaneo, said: “We are excited to launch this new Prime & SME Community Group, designed to bring together the interests of our vibrant membership, small, medium and large, to make real changes to how our sectors conduct their transactions, partnerships, and business interactions across different size cohorts.”

The inaugural group meeting will take place at the ADS London Office on Tuesday 5 July.

ADS members can find out more and join the group or group mailing list here to apply, or by contacting