Our Member Spotlight showcases the capabilities and fantastic work of some of our ADS members.

Brickhouse is a full-service production company delivering premium CGI and animation as well as the latest filming technologies and techniques. Based in Manchester UK, the company produces powerful content that engages audiences. Content is original and diverse so whatever the media platform, it will deliver content that leaves client audiences wanting to find out more. Brickhouse content offers clients maximum impact for their budget, enabling them to get ahead, and stay ahead.

Of particular interest to ADS members, is Brickhouse’s work producing captivating, dynamic and effective CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) which take brands to a new level. It produces CGI elements within videos as well as full 3D and 2D animations. It works closely with clients to develop their brief and bases the storyboarding process around this. The Brickhouse animation team then gets to work producing premium assets.

CGI and animation opens the door to creating new worlds around a brand. Viewers can be invited to immerse themselves wholly in animation or combine animated characters with real world story elements to give a more interactive experience. Brickhouse CGI enables clients to bring concepts to life and communicate complex issues with ease.

To find out more about Brickhouse visit

0330 058 5333