Next up in our showcase of apprentices for National Apprenticeship Week 2022, meet Noah Spence, Final year Junior Manufacturing Engineer Apprentice, JJ Churchill.

Noah featured in our blog series last year, so we caught up with him again to see what had changed…

What has changed since we spoke last year?

I have now been formally placed into the engineering department and I am currently learning a range skills and knowledge as a Junior Engineer that is associated with the grinding machine cell. Within JJ Churchill, this is a vital part as it kickstarts the production of many of our turbine blades and vanes. This role has given me a keen sense of responsibility when it comes to resolving issues that others may not understand.

What are you now working on?

I am working to make the grinding cell more efficient and self-maintainable by supplying the correct material for each operator to complete the grinding tasks without the need to seek help when unsure. This includes producing work instructions and standard operating procedures that all operators can follow clearly and concisely. The aim of this is to not only free our time up for other tasks but to help improve the knowledge of the operators and to aid their confidence.

Where do you hope to be in the next few years?

Short term goals

    • To become a qualified manufacturing engineer.
    • To pursue further education such as a Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND).
    • Enhance my knowledge of the Engineering sector including grinding and business operations through the Mechanical Engineering learning frame.
    • Increase my understanding of different processes within the business and how I can use my skills and knowledge to improve the business and the people within it.

Long term goals

    • I aim to pursue a foundation degree/degree and to complete a HNC and HND in Mechanical Engineering to further push myself onto the next stage of my career.
    • To have some form of a leadership role within JJ Churchill. Setting my goals high provides me with the motivation to aim for a significant role within the business and to hopefully have an impact on those around me. This goal is only possible with hard work, and I have still got a long way to go before achieving this.

Have you pursued any other qualifications?

Further to achieving my Level 3 Diploma, I was given the opportunity to enrol on the next stage of my academic career by pursuing an HNC in Mechanical Engineering. This opportunity was provided to me by my employer and has allowed me to study at The Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre.

Advice to someone considering an apprenticeship?

Further to any previous advice I still strongly believe that apprenticeships are the way forward to allow individuals to learn on a practical basis. An apprenticeship helps you identify your career pathway and ensures you gain the required knowledge and skills.

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