Next up in our showcase of apprentices for National Apprenticeship Week 2022, meet Dan Brown and Haris Pasic, Mechatronic, B Tech level 3 apprentices, Wescom Group.

The apprentices are managed by Mick James, Site Services Supervisor and Dave Armitage, Chief Engineer within the Site Services team in partnership with Derby College, with Mick saying that the apprentices are:

 “a breath of fresh air, keen and eager and pick things up quickly. Not only are the apprentices learning from us, but we are learning from them.”

How is the apprenticeship structured?

Both Dan and Haris have completed three years of their apprenticeship and have a further year to complete. Once completed they will be employed fulltime by Wescom Group to work at Wescom Defence in Draycott, near Derby as part of the progression plan within the site services team.

What made Dan and Haris pursue an apprenticeship?

Dan became interested in engineering whilst looking for a career following school and Haris was inspired by the broad range of tasks.

“Everyday is different, with tasks and responsibilities such as planned preventative maintenance, set ups and breakdowns, as well as the opportunity to assist the fitters and work with the electricians whilst being trained”.

What is Dan and Haris day-to-day role like?

Within their roles Haris and Dan liaise with many of the other teams within the business, such as the production team leaders, the engineering and technical team, the chemists, the quality department and the HSE team; developing their people skills and learning the benefits of good working relationships.

What has been the best thing about your apprenticeship, has anything surprised you?

Haris was surprised when he first started by how many different types of machinery are required on site to produce the multitude of pyrotechnic products for military that the Wescom Defence brand offers. He has enjoyed learning software packages for engineering such as CAD and Solidworks at college as well as lean principles.

Dan particularly enjoys having a different challenge every day on site with setups and breakdowns, with every day bringing a different learning experience, they both said they have had fun and have so far enjoyed the experience. They both agreed that the four-day week at Wescom Defence, on production and within their team is a bonus.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to people looking to make a first step in their career?

Both apprentices agree that an apprenticeship is a good first step to a fulfilling career, advising that there is a lot of work to do, requiring full commitment.

Haris advises anyone considering an apprenticeship to carefully consider what you want to do and make sure you do your research in order to know what you are getting in to, as it is a balancing act to ensure that assignments are completed and handed in on time. Dan agrees and says once you are accepted on to an apprenticeship “throw everything at it, ask plenty of questions and join in fully”.

Anne Toone, UK HR Manager for Wescom Group, says:

“The apprenticeship scheme has been very successful, with the site services team really taking the apprentices under their wing and the apprentices providing a good progression plan for the business. Wescom Group will certainly consider apprenticeship schemes again in the future.”

About Wescom Group Apprenticeships

Wescom Group launched their first apprenticeship scheme three years ago with our Mechatronic, B Tech, Level 3 apprenticeship. The apprenticeship for mechatronics maintenance technicians is designed with Derby College and provides apprentices with a multidisciplinary set of skills, knowledge and occupational behaviours across the electrical, electronic, mechanical, fluid power and control systems disciplines.

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