Statement from Paul Everitt, Chief Executive of ADS Group, comments on today’s Strategic Defence and Security Review.

Posted on 23 November, 2015 by [Anonymous] [Anonymous]

“The Prime Minister has delivered a well-conceived and pragmatic response to the new and challenging threats to our national security.

“The commitment to additional equipment, services and support, along with the financial stability provided in the Chancellor’s Summer Budget, provides the best framework for the UK defence and security industries to contribute to the safety of our nation.

“This SDSR has been marked by a significant level of engagement between Government and industry, and we look forward to continuing this approach into implementation.

“The focus on innovation, support for exports, and a refresh of the 2012 industrial policy are extremely welcome. The commitment to support UK SMEs and provide early and more structured access to defence and security procurement opportunities will be supported across industry.

 “The strategy recognises the importance of industry’s contribution to supporting national security and prosperity. Highlighting the role of defence and security exports reinforces their essential part of the UK’s efforts to support our allies and international partners. They make joint operations easier and more effective, and help vulnerable nations build the security and stability required to combat the threats posed by terrorism, organised crime and mass migration.”

 Westminster Briefing - Strategic Defence & Security Review 2015.pdf (289 KB)