WM Promus 2022 Q4 Newsletter

Posted on 12 January, 2023 by Emma Wong

2023 is here now. We all wish you a wonderful year ahead. By taking this opportunity, we hope to share our news in 2022 Q4, activities that happened between October to December 2022. There are 4 articles with the technology insights of DevSecOps & ITSM and those events that we had during the time. 

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WM Promus named an approved Government G-Cloud 13 Supplier WM Promus, a London-based, market-leading IT solutions, and services consultancy, has been named as an approved G-Cloud supplier by the UK Government.  From 9th November 2022, organisations can access WM Promus services from the G-cloud 13 framework, including DevOps, RPA, ITOM, ESM, cyber security and automation solutions and consultancy packages designed to support UK public sector organisations with their digital transformation and business process optimisation.   Read More>>

Why DevSecOps and what’s different about it?  (Part 1)

DevOps is an approach to software development and IT operations processes that incorporates Agile methodologies. Its core principles of empowerment, automation, and collaboration between development and operations drives efficiencies, quality improvements and profitability.

Does IT Service Management Need to Change?

ITSM has become part of the strategic solution stack for businesses relying heavily on IT to deliver services to customers, partners, and employees. But why does IT service management need to transform and what needs to change? You may find the answer in this article about NEW ITSM.

The 5 Key Capabilities you need from a SMART service desk solution

With the ITSM life-cycle containing all the necessary components required for a successful ESM program, IT departments are perfectly positioned to guide the organization towards ESM adoption and improvement.  

Why DevSecOps and what’s different about it?  (Part 2) - Security is not a ‘consideration’

Last time we talked about why security is important in DevOps. Let's continue the examples of why DevSecOps - Security is a central part of the entire software development lifecycle.

The WM Promus guide to transforming from ITSM to ESM (25 Oct 2022)

At the Service Desk & IT Support Show – SITS Virtual Summit on 25 October 2022, WM Promus General Manager, Eileen O’Mahony, shares how to guide your organisation towards ESM adoption and implementation.

Digital Transformation Exhibition (12 – 13 Oct 2022)

WM Promus is honoured to be one of the solution contributors on 12 – 13 October 2022 where we will be demonstrating our successful deployments of DevOps, Automation, RPA, ITSM and ITOM solutions. DTX Europe is a great opportunity to illustrate our digital transformation success stories and to hear from IT decisions makers about the challenges they’re facing.   

DIG22 - UCISA (11 – 12 Oct 2022)

All sectors of society, including Higher Education, must face the demand for an immediate and meaningful response to the increasing challenges created by climate change. From those who plan the University’s IT strategy to those who manage the IT estate, participation in a transition to a sustainable low-carbon environment is essential.


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