Telespazio UK awarded EO DataHub Platform Software Development and Operations contract

Posted on 24 January, 2024 by Advance 

Telespazio UK has been awarded the Earth Observation (EO) DataHub Platform Software Development and Operations contract.
Image courtesy Telespazio UK

Telespazio UK is working with project partners from:

National Centre for Earth Observation (Lead Organisation), specifically with members situated within the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) and the University of Leicester
National Physical Laboratory
Met Office
Satellite Applications Catapult
UK Space Agency

The overall goal of the project is to develop and operate a new centralised software infrastructure to provide a ‘single point’ of access for UK EO data offerings from distributed public and commercial centres. The new EO DataHub Platform is expected to assist application developers and Earth Observation experts to find, access, analyse and process EO data from multiple distributed sources in a consistent format with easy access for the end-user community.

This project is the beginning of the opportunities within the EO DataHub programme. Further contracts are planned to add user-friendly applications that will interface with the core Hub Platform software. Telespazio UK is looking forward to working closely with the successful bidders of the EO DataHub Applications and Integrations contract, and the Data Streams contract.

Dr Geoff Busswell, Head of Marketing & Sales for Telespazio UK, said: “The EO DataHub is a major step forward for the UK in developing a national capability for the community that can help business and research stakeholders create EO-based market impact. Telespazio UK is excited to bring to bear its deep expertise in hosted data management and big data platform open-source standards in the frame of major Copernicus and ESA programmes. We very much look forward to working with the Core Team to create an interoperable and sustainable EO DataHub we can be proud of in the UK.”

Professor John Remedios, Executive Director of the National Centre for Earth Observation, said: “I am delighted with the interest from industry in supporting the EO DataHub in the UK. Our process has shown the high quality of UK capabilities and the significance of data infrastructure for markets and commercial activity. Telespazio UK will be an excellent partner in the UK’s DataHub and we welcome them to the project as an expert company with considerable connectivity to the UK and international Earth Observation sectors.”

Philip Kershaw, Head of the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, said: “The award of this contract marks a major milestone in the EO DataHub, a project which has been funded through NERC as part of DSIT’s EO Investment Package. We look forward to working with our industry partners on the development of the Hub Platform, a core component of the overall system.”