Symbiotics partners with Blue Angels Air

Posted on 9 August, 2023 by Advance 

Whittington based Symbiotics - provider of the ADAPT Pilot Psychological Assessments - and Blue Angels Air, have partnered with an aligned vision to source, nurture and train a high calibre of cadets.

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A newly established ATO, Blue Angels Air’s team is highly experienced and brings with them a wealth of expertise in the field of pilot training and in-flight crew training. They will be one of the leading aviation training providers to carriers based in India, whilst also extending this to Asia and the Middle East.

Blue Angels Air will be targeting young cadets who dream of becoming an Airline Pilot and will help to nurture and train these individuals as part of their aviation career. The new partnership will see them providing Pilot Aptitude Tests through Symbiotics ADAPT system. The ADAPT online test platform incorporates a wide range of online tests allowing the creation of customised screening experiences, as well as including comprehensive individual report outputs with detailed insight, matrix reports and dashboards.

Blue Angels Founder and CEO Althea Paul said: “While we are extremely excited to be training India’s next generation of Pilots, we also recognise it comes with a significant responsibility. It's crucial that we identify candidates possessing the right qualities. By doing so, we enhance safety and competence, which in turn guarantees the success of our training programme and contributes to the overall success of the airlines we serve.

"Symbiotics has a deep understanding of the aviation industry's unique requirements and the critical attributes needed in aspiring pilots. With Symbiotics as our assessment partner, we can be confident in our selection process, ensuring that we train pilots with the utmost care and dedication.”

Symbiotics’ Aviation Business Development Consultant, Rachel Barnett added: “Blue Angels Air’s progressive approach to pilot training encompasses the latest advancements in technology, cutting-edge curriculum, and expert instruction. By embracing innovative methodologies and processes, including the use of Symbiotics’ ADAPT online assessment platform, they are paving the way for the next generation of skilled and highly competent pilots.  We look forward to supporting and collaborating with Blue Angels Air and the pursuit of excellence.”

Symbiotics will work closely with Blue Angels Air to support them with their assessment delivery in India as part of their vision to provide a higher level of professional pilot training to the global airline market and look forward to a successful partnership.