Survitec acquires Vinyl Technology

Posted on 16 January, 2024 by Advance 

Survitec has today acquired US-based and Berry-compliant Vinyl Technology, a prominent contract manufacturer specialising in custom-made plastic and industrial fabric products for military and high-end markets.
Above: Survitec has strengthened its US presence and joint strike fighter programme manufacturing capabilities, with the acquisition of Vinyl Technology.
Courtesy Survitec

Survitec's acquisition propels the company to become the foremost employer of highly skilled sewing capacity necessary for Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE) production. Vinyl Technology brings forth an invaluable dimension with its expertise in complex garment manufacturing, exemplified by the Advanced Technology Anti-G Suit (ATAGS) that will be pertinent to Survitec’s key customers, particularly in the fast jet sector. Customers will benefit from an increased product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities, making accessing trusted Survival Technology solutions from one global supplier simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

Survitec is the exclusive supplier, designer, qualifier and manufacturer of the full below-the-neck PFE for the Joint Strike Fighter programme. This partnership bolsters Survitec's foothold in the US and underscores the company's commitment to meet and exceed the increasing demand for PFE.

Dom Cartwright, Executive Managing Director – Aerospace and Defence at Survitec said: "Survitec's acquisition of Vinyl Technology marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering the most advanced Survival Technology solutions. Critical defence programs in the US now have increased access to berry-compliant ‘cut and sew’ manufacturing capabilities.

“The newfound synergies between Survitec and Vinyl Technology contribute to a diversified suite of products, boost customer’s confidence, and assists the development of our opportunity pipeline in the US. We welcome the talented team from Vinyl Technology to Survitec and look forward to the shared successes that lie ahead."

Vinyl Technology, headquartered in Monrovia, California, is recognised for its expertise in complex textile manufacturing, particularly in polyurethane bonding processes. Holding numerous patents and boasting 20+ military contracts and subcontracts, Vinyl Technology is a key player in the US military, law enforcement and space sectors.

The alignment between Vinyl Technology's product offerings, including Anti-G Suits, Fuel Bladders, Cargo Bags and CBRN Suits and Survitec's Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE) line opens up unprecedented opportunities, enabling the provision of a comprehensive offering to a diverse customer base.

Commenting on the acquisition, Dan Mollura, President of Vinyl Technology, stated: "Joining Survitec represents the natural evolution in our business growth, supported by the expertise and backing of a global leader. The alignment of our values with Survitec further enhances the synergy between our organisations, ensuring a shared commitment to excellence and innovation.”