SkyWall deployed to protect G7 summit

Posted on 1 September, 2022 by Advance 

As leaders from around the world visited the G7 meeting in Germany, SkyWall Auto Response was deployed as part of the security architecture and protect the G7 Summit from unauthorised drones.

Image courtesy OpenWorks Engineering

SkyWall Auto provides a mobile and fast response that can optically track drones at long ranges and then capture a drone should one enter the protected area. The handheld SkyWall Patrol system has been deployed at several G7 events since 2017 and this is the first publicly releasable deployment of the advanced autonomous SkyWall Auto system.

SkyWall Auto Response is a vehicle mounted solution that can rapidly capture multiple targets in accurately delivered nets. The build in AI-powered optical tracking system uses EO and IR cameras with automatic targeting to lock onto any incoming drone, allowing the operator to make a threat assessment with high quality imagery and engage if desired.
This vehicle mounted capability can cover a large area and the targeting system can be networked to integrate with detection capabilities and also be remotely operated from a central command post.

The vehicle can be positioned deployed close to any vulnerable point or the SkyWall system can be hidden under the pop-up covers until it is required, protecting it from prying eyes and the elements.

The SkyWall Auto system has also been delivered in towed trailer configurations and can be permanently installed on buildings or semi-permanent containers.