Silent Sentinel to provide thermal cameras on Mexican Pacific coast

Posted on 8 September, 2021 by Advance 

Silent Sentinel Inc, the US division of British thermal imaging specialists Silent Sentinel, has been selected to provide a series of its market-leading Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal imaging platforms to safeguard an 80km stretch of Mexican coastline, spanning a large naval base and various tourist resorts.

Image courtesy Silent Sentinel 

The Osiris Searcher cameras will each be paired with a Terma maritime surveillance radar, integrated with Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) software from Prodar.

In order to guard this stretch of the Mexican Pacific coast against seaborne threats from human traffickers, pirates and cartels, Silent Sentinel will be providing three systems, each comprising of an Osiris Pan-Tilt Unit (PTU) fitted with a 550mm cooled MWIR thermal lens and a 30x zoom HD visible camera. The Osiris Searcher will provide identification of small watercraft at a range of up to 10km and detection up to 40km. Each Osiris camera platform will operate in tandem with a coastal security radar provided by Terma and integrated by Prodar, utilising Prodar’s P-Shield VTS software to provide protection for one of the largest Mexican naval ports on the Pacific coast.

The Osiris Searcher is a high-specification mid-to-long range Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera capable of supporting multi-sensor technologies, with 360° continuous rotation, pan-tilt speeds of up to 100° per second and accuracy levels of 0.002°. Such high levels of accuracy are of paramount importance when detecting the shallow-draught vessels favoured by criminals and traffickers at long distances. Like all Silent Sentinel platforms, the Osiris Searcher is contained within a hard anodised IP67-rated ruggedised housing, built to marine specifications and designed to resist saltwater corrosion. The Osiris is also capable of operating within a temperature range of -30°C to 65°C.

This contract reinforces Silent Sentinel’s position as a global leader in Electro-Optical maritime threat detection, with products that are designed to be easily integrated into a wider software-based solution. The technical partnership with Prodar is indicative of Silent Sentinel’s ambition to provide best-in-class thermal imaging systems that form part of a versatile maritime threat detection array.

On top of Silent Sentinel’s recent successes in providing maritime surveillance to naval bases along the East Coast of the US, this order constitutes a significant expansion of the business as a whole, following the recent establishment of Silent Sentinel Inc. in St Petersburg, Florida last year. The successful completion of this order proves Silent Sentinel Inc’s value as a key player in the North American thermal imaging market.

James Longcroft, Sales Director at Silent Sentinel said:
“We are pleased to be working alongside our valued technical partner, Prodar, to deliver a comprehensive maritime security solution to protect a range of coastline which is of vital importance to the Mexican Navy, local industry and commerce. This contract is a big win for our US office and is indicative of our status as one of a leading supplier of Electro-Optical platforms in North and Central America.”