Serco to provide ESA support services

Posted on 29 April, 2021 by Advance 

Serco Italy has been awarded a new contract to provide Operations and Evolution of Data Access and User Support Services to the European Space Agency (ESA).

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The contract, with Serco Italy as prime and Serco Czech Republic also part of the consortium, has an overall ceiling price of €14 million over the five-year duration (two-year baseline plus three-year option) and involves almost 40 employees.

Serco will support the Earth Observation community with the provision of help desk, service desk and data access services and will also provide engineering services for the management, development and maintenance of applications and catalogues, with 19m satellite products currently available for download and for a total of 50 supported satellite missions that include the ESA Earth Explorers, Third Party Missions and Heritage missions.

Roberto Mulatti, General Manager of Serco Italy and Serco Czech Republic, said: “Serco is proud to have been selected as the European Space Agency’s trusted partner in providing these key services. Our long-standing experience and proven expertise, together with the addition of new services to analyse the users behaviours and to develop innovation enhancements were our winning factors to secure this major contract.”

Serco Italy has a long history of providing Earth Observation operations, maintenance and front-end services to ESA, and in an effort to provide continual service improvement, Data Access and User Support Services ( U-DATA) has introduced a special focus on evolution and innovation, with the aim of supporting ESA in further evolving the services and products.