Serco and KBR partner to deliver new defence training tech for RAN

Posted on 24 August, 2021 by Advance 

Serco Australia has partnered with KBR within the Navigation Faculty (NavFac) of the School of Navigation Warfare at HMAS Watson to deliver new training technologies and better outcomes for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).


Simon Latus, Senior Navigation Instructor, School of Navigation Warfare, HMAS Watson, with recent graduates from the Intermediate Navigation Course.
Courtersy Serco

As part of Serco’s new contract to provide professional services at HMAS Watson on behalf of the RAN, Serco and KBR have established three administrative roles to utilise KBR’s expertise in the management of training systems.

LTCDR Sam Fraser, RAN, Officer in Charge – School of Navigation Warfare (SNW), said having specialists from both Serco and KBR join the SNW team this year has had an immediate impact on the quality of our instruction and the efficiency of our administration.

“It’s an excellent example of defence and industry working together to achieve positive outcomes for our trainees,” LTCDR Fraser said.

The aim of the three KBR positions is to relieve the RAN Instructors of the administrative burden associated with their roles, allowing them to focus on their primary task of delivering instruction to Maritime Warfare Officers.

Serco Defence Managing Director Clint Thomas AM, CSC, said the partnership is working extremely well and has already delivered efficiencies within the team at HMAS Watson since it began last December.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to partner with an organisation like KBR. The employment of civilian staff offers continuity in roles that are typically held by defence during a posting cycle. Not only does this allow for efficiency as staff develop in what is their core business, it also increases the potential for improvement as staff hold a narrower focus.

“Serco committed to deliver significant innovation and continuous improvements to the training provided at HMAS Watson, so I am looking forward to seeing how we can further enhance and advance the specialist training we provide to the RAN through these new training technologies,” Mr Thomas said.

The new positions work in conjunction with a newly established Serco Senior Navigation Instructor, also within the NavFac.

The Serco Senior Navigation Instructor is now working alongside three RAN and RN Senior Navigation Instructors to provide oversight and expertise in the practical instruction of the more senior navigation courses and will include up to 16-weeks of sea-going instruction.