Seco Tools partners with Fusion on corporate environmental sustainability

Posted on 21 April, 2021 by Advance 

In an effort to become more sustainable in its machining practices, Seco Tools has partnered with Fusion Coolant Systems (Fusion), which offers an environmentally-friendly coolant technology that can lower the overall carbon footprint while increasing overall performance.

Image courtesy Seco Tools

Both companies have a goal to make machining easier and more effective for manufacturers and engineers while maintaining environmental awareness.

Rob Keenan, President of Seco Tools, North America said: “We've had a working relationship with Fusion Coolant Systems for many years; from the inception of the technology when they developed it years ago.

"We've worked on multiple customer projects and had heavy interactions on the R&D side to come up with solutions that help solve customer issues. So, it really was just a natural transition to formalise this partnership.

“It's about providing complete solutions and we feel strongly that Fusion has a state-of-the-art solution.”