RVL introduces King Air quick change capability

Posted on 24 September, 2020 by Advance 

Specialist aviation services provider RVL Group, based at the expanding East Midlands Airport cargo hub, has introduced its 'quick-change cargo system' capability on a new Beechcraft King Air B200 aircraft, which it received in May.

Image courtesy RVL

The aircraft's capabilities have now been enhanced with the addition of a quick-change cargo system developed by leading USA manufacturer Aerospace Resources. The new system allows the King Air to be converted from passenger to cargo aircraft configuration in under 60 minutes. The transformation permits the stowage of up to 1500lb of cargo.

“The new system adds significantly to RVL’s flexibility, not only increasing our overall freight capacity but also providing us with a cargo aircraft which is quicker, and with a greater range, as well as one better able to operate in poor weather,” said the airline’s Head of Business Development, David Lacy.

“The Aerospace Resources conversion system provides us with the flexibility to carry time-critical, high-value, low-volume goods – very much an expanding market – and afterwards rapidly return the King Air to its standard eight-seat commuter configuration.”

The new aircraft is the fourth King Air in operation with RVL. It is the only eight-seater (Covid-19 regulations and social-distancing permitting) commuter configured King Air B200 available for charter in the UK (most have a maximum capacity of seven) and has seen extensive use since its fleet arrival, moving business travellers, medical teams and engineering crews.

RVL Group is a specialist aviation services provider based at East Midlands Airport. Formed after a management buyout in 2007, the company relocated its core business from Coventry Airport to East Midlands Airport in autumn 2010 following completion of its state-of-the-art purpose-built hangar and maintenance facility.

Operating and maintaining its own fleet of 16 aircraft, RVL Group provides services to a range of private and public sector clients and offers expertise in areas as diverse as aerial surveillance and survey, passenger and cargo ad hoc and long-term charter, temporary and permanent aircraft modifications for project work and aerial spraying of pollution dispersants.