Roke launches portable Agile Counter-UAS

Posted on 2 July, 2024 by Advance 

Hampshire headquartered Roke has today launched its Roke Agile Counter-UAS, a portable and deployable system dedicated to enable military and civilian organisations to tackle the growing and evolving threat posed by Unmanned Air Systems (UAS).

Image courtesy Roke
Roke Agile Counter-UAS offers a two-pronged defence to meet the rapidly evolving threat to people, assets, and infrastructure. The scalable and flexible solution includes: a standalone C-UAS sensor system, RapidEO and a pioneering open-architecture, interoperable fusion and autonomy engine, OMNISCIENT Decision-Making Module (DMM).   
Roke’s AI-powered RapidEO sensor system is a dynamic all-in-one solution for detecting and confirming UAS threats. Portable, lightweight and requiring limited power supply, RapidEO can be deployed at scale to protect vehicles, buildings and people. Its unique sensing agility allows it to protect against swarms and multiaxis attacks even in cluttered environments, raising the alarm and allowing decision-makers to respond quickly.  
For networked and multi-sensor applications, Roke’s open-architecture fusion and autonomy engine, OMNISCIENT DMM, is fully interoperable and allows users to integrate their choice of sensor mix to best address a specific challenge. This brings a new level of flexible capability to the market and is unlike other closed and stove piped solutions.
Critically, as the UAS threat evolves and sensor technology advances, decision-makers are not locked-in – the solution allows users to adapt deployment more quickly than with other solutions to dominate the new threat. OMNISCIENT DMM works with a range of sensors from Roke’s ecosystem of technology partners.  
Paul MacGregor, Managing Director at Roke, said: “The increasing sophistication and threats posed by UAS are presenting a major challenge for both civilian and military organisations. Roke Agile Counter-UAS is our new market-leading response to an environment where it is more important than ever to be flexible, resilient and future-proof and to be able to deploy solutions at speed and scale.”
Roke Agile Counter-UAS is fully compliant with the MoD-owned open-architecture SAPIENT / BSI Flex 335 standard for AI and autonomy in networked multi-sensor systems. As the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s long-term development supplier and major contributor to the standard, Roke has helped to pioneer this new and flexible approach. However, Roke Agile Counter-UAS is not restricted to the defence sector and can also be applied to commercial, national security and public sector markets including in law enforcement and aerospace.