RAM Innovations becomes part of Russel Industries

Posted on 11 November, 2021 by Advance 

Russel Industries has broadened its range of engineering capabilities it can offer, as the group - which already comprises contract manufacturer Prima Electronic Services as well as battery and energy storage specialist Denchi - has now acquired RAM Innovations Ltd, a bespoke R&D and manufacturing services provider based in north Wales.


Russel Industries' die connection plating.
Courtesy Russel Industries

RAM delivers an array of specialist services. These are mainly in relation to semiconductor packaging development and manufacture.

It has a comprehensively equipped facility with die placement/bonding, laser direct imaging, lamination, CNC machining and surface-mount technology (SMT) processing machinery, plus a wet chemistry development area that houses metallisation and chemical milling operations.

Via this sophisticated facility and a highly-trained workforce, RAM carries out various embedded die packaging (EDP) activities including advanced sequential build-up processing techniques, that incorporate wide bandgap technologies like Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN). This will enable customers to access the significant benefits that EDP offers - including reduced footprint, better electromagnetic interference management, superior electrical connectivity for elevated switching speeds, as well as improved thermal conductivity.

RAM’s engineers are able to support customers’ product development projects - covering proof of concept, 3D modelling evaluation and thermal analysis, through to prototyping builds, product testing, micro-sectioning analysis and low-volume EDP manufacturing. Now, with the support of Russel Industries, RAM will be able to take these projects all the way to high-volume production.

“We have been really impressed with the capabilities that the RAM team possess, and recognise that there is a huge opportunity to bring their embedded die packaging expertise to a wider audience,” said Nick Russel, CEO of Russel Industries. “By benefitting from the manufacturing strength that we have within the group, RAM will be better able to serve the needs of the wide bandgap community.”

“Though only a small operation, RAM has built up a strong reputation for providing superior semiconductor engineering,” added Geoff Haynes, Product Development Manager at RAM. “Now, by joining forces with Russel Industries, we will be able to scale up the production aspect of our business. This is certain unlock the full potential of our embedded die packaging technology in relation to next generation power module development within the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors.”