ODU to exhibit at DSEI for 10th time

Posted on 25 August, 2021 by Advance 

ODU Connectors will be exhibiting at DSEI next month, presenting their latest developments in military connector technology, which will mark the 10th occasion they have participated in the biennial defence and security event.


Squadnet Radio.
Courtesy Thales UK   

ODU's first major UK opportunity came back in 2002 with the Bowman C41 Tactical Comms System and they have since supplied their Advanced Military Connector Series, the ODU-AMC, to support programmes such as Thales Squadnet Radio, Racal Acoustics Magna RA4000 Headset and Selex Elsag Future Soldier Radio.

Having already produced the ODU-AMC High Speed Data series that can combine and transmit all common protocols, with transfer rates up to 14.4 Gbits/s, at DSEI they will introduce further developments, providing fresh options for the dismounted soldier and the in-vehicle equipment OEM, including a new seven-pole insert for the ODU-AMC high-Density Series and the (also new) ODU-AMC T-Series Connector.

In a size 0 shell but with a larger 0.7mm contact diameter for higher robustness, the seven-pole configuration offers a future-proof alternative to other 6-pole NETT-Warrior connectors, together with a significant performance increase.


A new 7-pole insert for the ODU-AMC high-Density Series.
Courtesy ODU UK


The all-new ODU-AMC T-Series Connector.

Courtesy ODU UK

With the T-Series, the ‘T’ stands for Three-in-One or ‘Triple’ as three locking variants of plug [push-pull, break-away or screw-lock] can fit the same receptacle, in shell-sizes that give space-envelope savings over comparable density MIL-DTL-38999M connectors but with the same, or improved, technical performance.  

Cables can use a standard MIL-M85049 back-shell or ODU over-mould and the crimp contacts can be standard MIL-AS39029, or an ODU design.  

In-vehicle OEM’s can nowspecify an appropriate locking mechanism at each connection point, whilst retaining the same bulkhead fitting across all equipment.

ODU also offers a comprehensive assembly service - including connectors, cable, over-moulding, watertight-potting and metalwork - supplying your sub-system from one totally reliable source - shipped to line. They also provide consultation, requirement analysis, product design & development, prototype manufacture, pre-production batch delivery, technical documentation, to take care of everything necessary to produce specific bespoke system solutions. As an independent connector manufacturer, ODU offers flexibility for customers and can design a way out of a problem with the ability to produce a connector that is truly fit-for-purpose, on-time and within budget.