Nordic Unmanned accepts delivery of third CAMCOPTER system

Posted on 14 February, 2022 by Advance 

Nordic Unmanned has accepted delivery of its third CAMCOPTER S-100 system, making it the largest commercial operator of CAMCOPTER S-100 in the world.


The delivery makes Nordic Unmanned the largest commercial operator of CAMCOPTER S-100 in the world.
Courtesy Nordic Unmanned

The delivery was approved after a successful acceptance flight in Norway. The system will initially be used for the offshore logistics contract with Equinor and operated in Norway.

This system consists of two air vehicles and will perform several test programmes for customers in Norway, including an offshore drone logistics contract with Equinor. Nordic Unmanned plan to put the system into operations in April 2022.

This third delivery concludes Nordic Unmanned's initial CAMCOPTER investment plan started in December 2020, enabling the Company to meet its current operational plans for the first half of 2022.

The first months of testing will serve as training and certification for new Nordic Unmanned CAMCOPTER pilots and technicians, replacing the external service previously provided by Schiebel in Austria.

Knut Roar Wiig, CEO of Nordic Unmanned said: “I am very excited to accept the delivery of our third CAMCOPTER system as our fleet and operations has now reached the point of economy of scale. We currently have three CAMCOPTER systems, consisting of a fleet of five air vehicles, representing a considerable tactical UAS capability.

"Our CAMCOPTER systems has previously been directed towards the Maritime business sector through our emission monitoring service. This new system, in combination with the award of an offshore logistic contract with Equinor, gives us the opportunity to expand our reach into the offshore logistics, SAR services and general surveillance market.

The increased amount of air vehicles will allow Nordic Unmanned to ramp up operations and support opportunities identified in the CRM pipeline in Europe, Brazil, UK and the Middle East.

The investment in the CAMCOPTER S-100 system includes full lifetime support, spare parts, and inhouse training. Expected financial lifetime of the CAMCOPTER S-100 is 10 years. The investment is financed with a combination of equity and bank credit facility combined with an export guarantee from GIEK. Nordic Unmanned have chosen Norwegian prime ministers in the naming of its new fleet of CAMCOPTER S-100 drones and the two new drones have been named THORBJØRN (LN-0310-NF) and JONAS (LN-0310-NG).

Founded in 2014, the Nordic Unmanned Group supports large governmental and industrial clients in the adaption of unmanned systems and services and has offices in Molde, Oslo and Sandnes in Norway, Odense in Denmark, Cranfield in the UK and Arnsberg in Germany.