Muirhead Avionics renews JOSCAR accreditation

Posted on 11 August, 2021 by Advance 

Muirhead Avionics has successfully renewed its JOSCAR accreditation as Muirhead Aerospace Ltd.
Image courtesy Muirhead Avionics

The Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.

Using JOSCAR can determine if a supplier is fit for business.

“Pre-qualification and full compliance on the Hellios Information JOSCAR supplier accreditation register streamlines work-flow agreements and ensures the sustainability of our long-term customer relationships. Muirhead Avionics’ ongoing commitment to our customers in the aerospace, defence, and security industries is underpinned by this reassuring accreditation,” said Steve Wells, Managing Director and Divisional Vice President of Muirhead Avionics.

Muirhead Avionics is a major supplier to many fixed and rotary wing operators worldwide with capabilities covering navigation, communication, flight recorders, cockpit voice recorders, instrumentation, and test equipment. It is part of AMETEK MRO.