Menzies Aviation to hold its first air cargo tech showcase at Heathrow

Posted on 24 February, 2022 by Advance 

Menzies Aviation is holding its first technology showcase at Heathrow Airport with tech powerhouses and next generation logistic startups, to find new solutions to enhance its cargo operations, from efficiency to sustainability.


Menzies Aviation's first cargo warehouse robot.
Courtesy Menzies Aviation

Microsoft, Ricoh and Vodafone are among 14 suppliers set to pitch and demonstrate their systems to Menzies executives including Mervyn Walker, Chief Operating Officer and Mark Reid, Chief Information Officer.  A full spectrum of solutions will be presented for different aspects of operations, from truck management and security scanning to employee wellbeing and training. Also presenting at the one-day event on the 1st March are Speedcargo, Descartes Systems Group, Forward Momentum, i6 Group, KCL, Meraki, OnAssett Intelligence Inc, WePlan, HIK Vision and BotsAndUs.
The technology showcase, coordinated by Rory Fidler, Menzies’ Vice President – Cargo Technology, is the first initiative of its kind for Menzies as it looks to invest in innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies, enhance workplaces for employees and support Menzies’ goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2033, its 200th anniversary.
Menzies cargo facility at Heathrow Airport serves as an innovation space, which aims to foster a creative environment for the development of new technology to be rolled out across its global network. There are already a number of new solutions being put in place, such as Menzies’ new robot Mimi. Developed by BotsAndUs, the autonomous robot tracks goods at every stage of the warehouse process, enhancing inventory management and slot utilisation.
The showcase forms part of Menzies’ overarching strategy for digitalising its operations to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. Demonstrating its commitment to developing its digital capabilities, Menzies has made a number of strategic hires, most recently Filip Nekvinda, Senior Vice President – Digital & Innovation.
Robert Fordree, Executive Vice President – World Cargo Services, Menzies Aviation said: “We are very excited to be hosting this showcase at our innovation space at Heathrow Airport, which will shine a spotlight on the latest cargo technologies. This initiative is designed to ensure Menzies remains at the forefront of the cargo industry. Digital capabilities are becoming increasingly critical for an industry with a need for speed as cargo volumes continue to rise. The showcase is the perfect opportunity to identify solutions that have the potential to transform our global network of cargo handling operations. We’re looking forward to the presentations and thank all of the participants for their involvement.”