MBDA adds to its R&D Booster initiative in Greece

Posted on 7 February, 2024 by Advance 

MBDA yesterday signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with Greek companies MILTECH and ALTUS as part of its 'R&D Booster' initiative in Greece.

Image courtesy MBDA

MBDA's 'R&D Booster' is a component of the strategic partnership agreement between France and Greece signed in 2021 and aims to develop long-term co-operations in Europe.

Together with MILTECH and ALTUS, MBDA will collaborate on projects to develop systems based on the AKERON MP missile.

The first stage of the partnership with MILTECH concerns the development of an AKERON MP launch kit, which MBDA is now offering on the global market as an option for light automatic turrets fitted with low-calibre guns.

By joining forces with ALTUS, under the second partnership agreement, MBDA is seeking to develop a range of tactical drones equipped with AKERON MP missiles. This cooperation will begin by validating the integration of AKERON MP missiles on ALTUS’s new ATLAS 8 HEAVY LIFTER UAV.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said: “These two new partnership agreements, signed in the framework of the strategic partnership between France and Greece, aim at developing long-term activities with the Hellenic defence industry. They cement the long-lasting relationship that exists between MBDA and Greece. They also demonstrate MBDA's ability to foster, support and strengthen industrial cooperation in Europe, a value that is at the very core of MBDA’s DNA.”

These development projects complement existing cooperation initiatives in the fields of production, services and R&D. The aim of all of these projects and contracts is to strengthen ties between MBDA and the Hellenic Defence Industrial Base.