Marshall engineers receive first class honours from University of Suffolk

Posted on 8 November, 2021 by Advance 

Associate System Engineers Ben Craske and Katrina Youlton from Marshall and previous graduates from the company’s Apprenticeship Scheme, recently received first class honours from The University of Suffolk in Electrical Engineering.

Image courtesy Marshall

They both joined the Marshall Apprenticeship scheme in 2014 before graduating and since then have worked on multiple Marshall projects. Ben and Katrina now finds themselves taking off in projects with Marshall Aerospace and Marshall Land Systems respectively.

During their studies, they would spend four days a week working with Marshall and one day allocated to their degree, where they would attend lectures and practical sessions before utilising their free time to catch up in their reading weeks.

Katrina said: “It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience juggling academic part-time studies with full-time work and other commitments. I am very grateful to Marshall for this opportunity, and to our colleagues for their support throughout the years as we worked towards achieving our degrees.”

Jonathan Burnip, Senior Engineering Manager commented: “Since completing their apprenticeships three years ago, Ben and Katrina have both made extremely strong contributions to engineering projects around Marshall.

"Obtaining an open university degree in parallel with their day to day work is an extremely difficult thing to do and is testament to them both as engineers and people, they are a huge asset to Marshall.”

The overall aim of the BEng Electrical Engineering degree is to equip students with the fundamental knowledge appropriate for a technician engineer role within the industry. The curriculum provides broad coverage of the key engineering mathematical, instrumentation, electrical and scientific concepts relevant to engineering, as well as core employability skills and knowledge pertaining to electrical machinery, plant protection, the application of electrical and digital electronic principles, electrical and electronic systems design, electrical power systems and microprocessor based systems.

The course also provides fundamental professional development and research skills, whilst providing an opportunity for students to explore and develop project design and implementation.

Ben said: “The work-study balance was difficult to manage at first, especially when you’re determined to excel in both areas, which is why I’m incredibly proud to have received this first class honours from the University of Suffolk. We received an abundance of support from Marshall to prepare us for our further study and can’t thank the business enough. I’m excited to see how our careers progress from here.”

For Ben, Marshall runs through the family. His father, Kevan leads from the front as Director of Cambridge City Airport. Perhaps there could be three generations of Craske’s at the company soon.