L3Harris Airline Academy announces CAA and EASA dual license training

Posted on 12 November, 2021 by Advance 

L3Harris Technologies has announced the launch of its new training programme which allows cadets to obtain both a UK CAA and EASA licence in one course.

Image courtesy L3Harris

Utilising previous knowledge and experience gained from delivering UK CAA and EASA training for over 40 years, L3Harris is now able to offer a combined solution. The dual licence programme delivers triaining in accordance with approved syllabi and is compliant with both UK CAA and EASA regulations.
Cadets enrolled in the programme will sit both UK CAA and EASA theoretical knowledge exams and complete the Instrument Rating flying skills test in both the UK and EU airspace. Due to L3Harris’ Academy locations in the UK and Portugal and the qualifications of its instructors, L3Harris can deliver all the requirements needed to achieve a dual licence.
The hybrid course will be available to new cadets as early December 2021 and will open greater opportunities when they graduate training, as they will be able to begin careers with either UK CAA or EASA registered airline operators.
Dave Coward, General Manager and VP of L3Harris Airline Academy commented: “There’s been some uncertainty surrounding pilot licences since the UK left the EU back in January, and we’re often asked by aspiring aviators: ‘should I train for a CAA or EASA license?’ This new programme solves the dilemma and offers cadets the important flexibility to join airline operators across the UK and Europe.”