Introducing... Insights from NCC Group

Posted on 28 September, 2022 by Chris Whelan

Introducing... 'Insights' from NCC Group

A quarterly advice hub for senior executives – leading the way on all things cyber. 

As an ADS member, you have access to this quarterly cyber security thought leadership program. Insights lets you in on everything you need to know on the cyber landscape, gives you up to date threat intelligence and invites you to exclusive events with top experts in the cyber field. 

Like our ‘Growing Threats’ event on 6th October
Join Geoff White, BBC journalist and host of The Lazarus Heist as he interviews our newly appointed CEO, Mike Maddison on the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats and be ready to defy today, and tomorrow’s, threats. 

We’ll also take a look at how the changing nature of cyber threats are impacting different sectors across the globe and how hackers are shifting shape on the businesses they are targeting. 
* Not able to join live due to your time zone or other priorities? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Just register at the link above and you’ll receive the recording in your mailbox after the event.   

Want more? Take a look inside this quarter’s Insights magazine: 
  • Financial, technological and industrial companies are among the most targeted sectors. What can we learn from them?  
  • Prevent and protect from phishing and malware attacks 
  • Exclusive updates from our global Threat Intelligence Team 
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Together we will make the world safer and more secure.