IBA launches monthly aviation industry barometer

Posted on 4 March, 2022 by Advance 

Aviation industry consultant, IBA, has today launched a barometer that delivers key indicators about the health and progress of the aviation industry.


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Courtesy IBA

Using data from its renowned InsightIQ intelligence platform, IBA’s new Aviation Industry Barometer will be published monthly, and provide a range of insights on international air traffic and commercial aircraft deliveries.
The first Aviation Industry Barometer, published today, contains data from January 2022. With each subsequent monthly Barometer, a mix of monthly and cumulative trends will be displayed, illustrating both the short and longer term health of the aviation industry.

IBA’s Aviation Industry Barometer for January 2022 indicates that:

The recovery of global passenger flights stalled in January 2022, remaining at the same level as the previous month of 74% of pre-pandemic levels.

Latin America is leading the recovery with flights at 89% of pre-pandemic levels.

Africa and Asia Pacific made the largest monthly progress in flight traffic recovery at 86% and 66% of pre-pandemic levels, with Africa bouncing back having been the first to be hit by the Omicron variant.

Contrastingly, Europe & CIS was hit hard by the new variant in January 2022, with monthly passenger flight utilisation down by 10% month on month to 66% of pre-pandemic levels.

Overall, there were 1,999,079 commercial passenger flights in January 2022, down 6% from 2,132,321 in December, which is traditionally a peak travel month due to the holiday season.

There were 65 commercial aircraft deliveries in January 2022, less than half of the level in December 2021, but 23% up compared to January 2021.

Deliveries of the Boeing 737 MAX outpaced the Airbus A320neo in January 2022 by 27 to 24.

There were five widebody deliveries in January 2022. Four of these were Airbus A350s, mostly being delivered to operators based in Asia Pacific and North America.

IBA advises prominent investment funds and banks, aircraft leasing companies, operators, manufacturers and MROs. In March 2021, IBA was named ‘Appraiser of the Year’ by Airline Economics for the fourth time.