Huddersfield's CCTV upgraded

Posted on 6 January, 2022 by Advance 

HuddersfieldÂ’s eye in the sky crime fighting CCTV system has been given a major upgrade to provide better protection to residents.

Image Copyright © 2022 West Yorkshire Police

The Huddersfield NPT (neighbourhood policing team) has said it is delighted that an upgrade to the CCTV network in the town centre now allows for police and Kirklees Council staff to follow real-time coverage from the town’s bus station.

Previously, police and council staff could not view real time imagery from the bus station, creating a ‘blackspot’ for operators when they were trying to trace offenders across the town.

The NPT has been working with the Kirklees Police Crime Reduction Unit, the force’s Digital Policing, Safer Kirklees and Metro to bring the upgrade online.

There are currently over 150 public surveillance CCTV cameras across the district of Kirklees which are monitored and recorded 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Kirklees Council Operators.

Live footage is monitored in the Kirklees Council CCTV Control Room and in police control rooms and is used to assist with the prevention, detection and reduction of crime and the fear of crime in order to make communities feel safer.

Inspector Graham Dyson (Huddersfield Neighbourhoods) said: “The upgrade to the system to allow CCTV operators and Police control room staff is a real plus for the town as it enables staff to view incidents live time.

“We have been able view CCTV this within the town and other areas of Kirklees for some time, but this new link enables CCTV operators and Police to follow incidents and direct officers into the bus station where previously suspects may have been lost.

“Without doubt this will be a fantastic addition to the coverage of CCTV in the town and enable ourselves to keep visitors to the town centre safe and feeling safer. I would like to thank all those who worked hard to make this happen."

Richard Thornton, a Kirklees Designing Out Crime officer, said: “The Kirklees Crime Reduction Unit helped identify the problem and have worked with the West Yorkshire Police Digital Policing and partners to create a more seamless process to view live time incidents at Huddersfield Bus Station, helping to improve the security and safety of travelling passengers.”

West Yorkshire’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Alison Lowe added: “It is encouraging to see more measures being taken to enhance safety within our major towns and transport hubs.

“It is yet another innovation, supporting the Mayor’s pledge around the safety of women and girls, as we know they are often disproportionately affected as victims of crime.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable and protected in our public spaces and this progress will act as both a deterrent and an evidence source.”

Councillor Carole Pattison, Cabinet Member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities, said: “My priority for our town centres is that anyone who lives, works or visits them should feel safe and be safe.

“This upgrade to the CCTV system further demonstrates our commitment to constantly improving town centre safety and I’m confident that it will provide increased reassurance for those who visit Huddersfield Town Centre.

“We work extremely closely with West Yorkshire Police and partners all year round to ensure that our town centres are safe and welcoming places to be. My thanks go to all the staff who work towards keeping our residents, visitors and business owners safe.”