Hanwha Aerospace to supply BAE Systems with 155mm artillery propelling charges

Posted on 4 December, 2023 by Advance 

Hanwha Aerospace has been awarded a contract worth around $130 million, to supply 155mm artillery bi-modular charge systems to BAE Systems.

Hanwha Aerospace showcased its range of capabilities in October at the Seoul International Aerospace & Defence Exhibition (ADEX) 2023.
Courtesy Hanwha Aerospace

"This contract with BAE Systems underscores Hanwha Aerospace's commitment to strengthening Korea-UK defence ties," said Jae-il Son, President and CEO of Hanwha Aerospace "Our 155mm Artillery Modular Charge System will effectively meet NATO's ammunition needs, enhancing the operational efficiency of weapon systems by leveraging Hanwha's robust production capabilities and BAE Systems' expertise."

Glynn Plant, Managing Director of Land UK at BAE Systems, said: "Our order for the supply of modular charge systems demonstrates the compatibility of the Hanwha Aerospace MCS system with our 155mm ammunition."

The Modular Charge System (MCS) is an effective method of tailoring the propelling charge to the individual needs of weapons systems, which streamlines logistics and improves the handling of self-propelled artillery systems. The MCS burns very cleanly upon ignition leaving little or no residue, thereby eliminating the need for swabbing the barrel between fires, leading to an increase in the system's rate of fire.

Hanwha Aerospace's Bi-Modular Charge System, HW70 and HW50, were developed using NATO standard 39/52 calibre 155mm guns and BAE Systems' NATO standard ammunition, L15, to meet the Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding (JBMoU) and have been verified for performance, safety and compatibility. It also incorporates performance enhancements over its predecessor, including increased robustness of the Combustible Cartridge Case (CCC) to maximise operability with Automated Turrets, which are expected to be increasingly deployed in the future and an improved ignition system for fast and uniform propellant ignition.