Foremost to showcase products for defence at DPRTE 2024

Posted on 21 March, 2024 by Advance 

Engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components and solutions, Foremost Electronics, is advancing its engagement with the defence market by showcasing its increasing range of products for defence applications at DPRTE 2024.

Image courtesy Foremost Electronics

The DPTRE (Defence Procurement, Research, Technology and Exportability) event is the UK’s leading defence procurement and supply chain event and is being held at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre on 27th March and provides product showcase opportunities for MoD/public sector buyers and private sector organisations alike.

This unique event brings together the defence procurement community, connecting buyers and suppliers from across the defence procurement and supply chain community. This market is worth more than £25 billion annually and connects buyers, suppliers, prime contractors and academia from across the defence acquisition supply chain. DPRTE provides extensive skills development, networking, collaboration and showcase opportunities for organisations that are actively working with the defence sector or that are exploring ways to work in the UK’s defence procurement marketplace.

DPRTE 2024 will focus on a number of main themes such as science and innovation, digital and technology, equipment and supplies and infrastructure and estates.

Foremost will be using DPRTE 2024 to showcase a number of new additions to their product portfolio in addition to a number of core products for designers of defence systems:

Enclosures for Defence applications including rugged fixed or portable enclosures, COTS components and HMI solutions, MIL-grade rugged enclosures, COTS components and HMI solutions which offer users uncompromising reliability.
nVent Schroff Varistar CP MIL 901E cabinet, military certified for shock, vibration, EMC, and corrosion. Doubly protected against corrosion, zinc-plated and powder-coated. Can be specified with 4 shock absorbers at bottom & 2 shock absorbers at top.
nVent Schroff VPX chassis for VPX Systems from Desktop to Rugged Deployable Chassis types.
Desapro MILEX water and dust proofed, shock and vibration absorbing aluminium transit case for 19” electronics. MILEX transit cases are NATO approved and designed to meet the rigid requirements of U.S. MIL specifications and other MIL standards worldwide. Together with a large range of accessories such as cooling systems, racks, drawers and slides, MILEX aluminium transit cases represent the most comprehensive line available today for the safe packaging of mobile electronics.
Thermal Card-Lok and Conduction Cooled Assemblies from NVent Schroff’s Calmark product lines, the proven industry leader in the manufacture of ruggedised components and solutions that hold boards in place and transfer heat in demanding defence and aerospace applications.
Kontron Rugged Compact PCI For long term programs in harsh environment and VPX Single Board Computers & Switches which bring server class applications into the battlefield.
APEM Night Vision (NVG) compatible LED Indicators
APEM IP68 rated TS Series Thumbstick, a proportional two axis joystick in a miniature package. Featuring non-contacting hall effect technology for long life performance and available with multiple linear output options
Switches & Thermal Fuses for Defence applications from APEM, ELMA & Thermodisc manufactured with MIL-QPL military standards.

Foremost Electronics Ltd have been a direct importer and specialist distributor of electro-mechanical components including enclosures and accessories, connectors, control knobs, thermal fuses and optoelectronics, human-machine interface and switching products since 1989. Foremost are also a supplier of joysticks and controllers for both OEM and stand-alone applications and have specialist online stores for IP Joysticks and Electric Vehicle Connectors and accessories.