Exobotics reveals expansion plans

Posted on 16 September, 2022 by Advance 

British satellite startup Exobotics, which offers low-cost space flight for missions to low Earth orbit (LEO) and beyond, has announced a major expansion.

Image courtesy Exobotics

The company, founded by Cambridge graduate Nadeem Gabbani, has seen substantial growth in the last year with sales of its Nano-satellite platforms and bespoke payloads, exceeding £4 million. As part of its expansion plans, Exobotics has opened a new 2,000 square foot workspace in Chiswick, London, housing the company’s engineering lab and cleanroom, in addition to existing offices in Cambridge and Cornwall.
The company has also expanded its senior team, appointing co-founder and Cambridge Fellow Peter Christopher as Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder and Cambridge PhD Maxime Burgonse as Chief Technology officer to lead on integration and test engineering.
Exobotics is developing the next generation of small-satellite sub-systems, platforms and services focused on reducing the skill and time required to access low-Earth orbit and beyond.
It offers a variety of key products and services, including spacecraft subsystems and ground support equipment, integrated satellite and roving platforms and end-to-end satellite and roving services.
The company promotes innovation from organisations outside of the space industry, as well as those within it, encouraging new data-driven use cases for sectors such as FinTech, agriculture, and mining, making space more accessible for all. Exobotics oversees the entire process from concepts to reality, including custom payload development, through to integration and testing in fewer than nine months.
Nadeem Gabbani, founder, Exobotics commented: “It’s been an incredibly exciting year for us and the opening of our new labs in London will enable us to further increase our capacity and capabilities to meet growing customer demand. We are committed to lowering barriers to entry in terms of skill, and time required to explore space for organisations of all sizes, and we have big ambitions to expand our services and make new hires in the months ahead.”
Exobotics is a start-up company with offices in London, Cambridge and Cornwall, that uses the latest advancements in robotics, materials, structures and artificial intelligence to enable rapid, innovate space flight for missions to LEO and beyond.