EWS appoints Phil Hunt as Managing Director

Posted on 30 August, 2022 by Troy Phillips

Strategic consultancy EWS Ltd. based in Long Bennington, Lincolnshire has appointed Phil Hunt as Managing Director to help drive the continuing success of the business.

Phil Hunt appointed as Managing Director of EWS

Jon Gower, CEO congratulates Phil Hunt on his appointment as Managing Director of EWS.

Jon Gower, CEO at EWS said: “Since joining EWS, Phil has more than proven that he has the right character, professional knowledge and experience, and human understanding to confidently lead the EWS team and inspire them to achieve our strategic goals.”

“I am extremely confident in leaving the day-to-day management of EWS in Phil’s capable hands,” says Jon, “and I know that he will be very successful in achieving our strategic long-term vision for the company.”

Phil commented on his appointment: “EWS has entered a period of exceptional growth and I am thoroughly excited by the opportunity to now set the direction for the company and further develop our team towards delivering key results.”

The future is bright for EWS

Phil will be responsible for delivering a highly focused three-year strategic plan for the business, while contributing significantly to its continued success, as there are some unique global opportunities on the near horizon for the company during this period of growth.

As a top table partner and Operational Advisor on Team Endure, EWS is now focusing on supporting the delivery of the £41m Asparkle Project; an exceptional challenge that Phil is committed to delivering with the support of the senior EWS Management team alongside the delivery of other key projects.

Jon finishes: “EWS is going from strength to strength and both strategic partners and clients alike can expect to experience significant benefits in the future from the changes we are making today. These are exciting times for EWS and I’m looking forward to seeing what Phil and everyone within the company will achieve over the next few years.”

For more information, visit the EWS website: https://solutions-ew.com/phil-hunt-managing-director/