EasyJet reopens Project Runway initiative for university graduates

Posted on 30 January, 2024 by Advance 

With forecasts projecting the aviation industry will need another 1.3 million new aviation professionals in the next 10 years on top of existing recruitment opportunities, easyJet has relaunched its flagship 'Project Runway' graduate programme, after a three year hiatus.

Image courtesy easyJet 

The programme, which aims to attract a diverse group of individuals with an ambition of becoming future leaders in engineering, finance and management, has taken 16 students for 2023 after a three year hiatus due to the pandemic,and is now calling for more applicants for 2024.

EasyJet’s 'Project Runway' aims to accelerate their career prospects in leadership roles as well as highlight the diversity of roles at the organisation beyond frontline airline operations including pilots, cabin crew and ground handling.

Graduates entering the Engineering programme were required to have an engineering degree. However, the Finance and Management programmes will be filled by grads with a diverse range of degrees including Modern Languages, Art History and Visual Culture with History and Modern History and Politics from the University of Exeter, Birmingham and Manchester respectively, just to name a few.

Following an extensive four-week induction the cohort will spend two years rotating through a series of placements for different career ‘runways’ including management and engineering. On the other hand, those taking up the finance runway will spend a total of three years rotating different roles within that career path.

Homing in on the company’s mantra of living the ‘orange spirit’ – the airline operator’s Runway Graduate programmes encourage a hands-on work approach while providing insight into the culture and values that make easyJet.

Speaking on the programme and welcoming this year’s cohort, Jane Storm, Group People Director at easyJet said: “We are thrilled to be relaunching our Runway Management Programme and incorporating our Engineering & Finance programmes under the same initiative for final-year students from across the UK. This programme offers a comprehensive insight into the company, with the opportunity to learn more about customer experience from our front-line roles in cabin crew and pilots, as well as the diverse roles offered by the company.

“As well as getting a hands-on experience of different roles with the organisation, the students will also receive mentoring, coaching and training workshops – partnered with the chance to work across teams with senior stakeholders, giving them a true first-hand experience living the orange spirit here at easyJet.”

Sam Screpis, Head of Learning, Talent Development & Engagement added: “This is a fantastic opportunity for all successful candidates to get stuck in and experience the innermost workings of easyJet.

“We are looking forward to welcoming candidates to Hanger 89, our corporate HQ at Luton Airport whereby they will have access to the most senior people within our business – giving them the chance to flourish and contribute to the business along with support from peers and mentors.”

EasyJet’s Runway Management Programme was established in September and along with the airline’s Engineering & Finance programme operates on annual basis. Applications for new candidates are now open and will be live until mid-end January 2024. More information about the programme can be found here.