DMC in world's top 1% of Scalmalloy suppliers

Posted on 18 August, 2021 by Advance 

The Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) has achieved results in the top 1% worldwide for APWORKSÂ’s innovative high-strength aluminium alloy Scalmalloy, which is ideal for use in high-performance applications in sectors like aerospace, robotics, marine and motorsport.


The DMC team receives the results.
Courtesy DMC

Scalmalloy is the highest strength aluminium alloy available for additive manufacturing (AM), offering performance equivalent to high-strength 7000 series alloys. The proven material combines a tensile strength of 520MPa and yield strength of 480MPa with excellent ductility and is ideal for highly loaded and safety-critical parts.

The performance and environmental resistance of Scalmalloy components have been demonstrated in a diverse array of environments. Whether destined for the cold vacuum of space, the salt-sprayed decks of racing yachts or the heat-soaked environment of racing car drivetrains, the DMC’s Scalmalloy parts can withstand incredibly harsh conditions. While alloying elements are usually detrimental to corrosion resistance, Scalmalloy uses a strengthening mechanism to achieve a level of corrosion resistance equivalent to a 5000 series aluminium alloy.

Too often engineers must compromise between the high material properties and limited geometric freedom of forging, with the geometric freedom and lower material properties of casting. With Scalmalloy, both are possible. The alloy has excellent processability and its performance density helps to reduce overall part cost and weight by reducing the volume of material required to safely fulfil application requirements.

As with all additive manufacturing materials and processes, it enables an incredible level of design freedom. This means that parts can be optimised for maximum performance and minimum weight - an area of expertise for the DMC’s specialists.

Kieron Salter, Chief Executive Officer at the DMC, commented: “The DMC team is focused on solving customer challenges, whether that means engineering for application, producing high-quality components at short notice, or bringing new high-performance AM materials to the UK market. British companies working at the frontier of their industry now have a highly qualified and knowledgeable approved supplier to help them take advantage of this revolutionary material and process.

“Scalmalloy is a fantastic addition to our capabilities, particularly for our space, aerospace and motorsport customers. Not only is it relatively straightforward to process but it also offers many incredible performance benefits. Perhaps most importantly, it has a proven track record with established use in some of the most demanding applications in the world.”