Davall Gears: Custom solutions for high precision, critical systems

Posted on 15 March, 2023 by Georgia Ramsden

Davall Gears provides custom solutions to manufacturers of high precision, critical systems. Combining specialist knowledge and high performing technologies, we utilise our expertise on long-standing aerospace and defence projects to deliver performance with multiple components found on military vehicles, missile systems and aircraft today 

Spiradrive and Spiradrive EC technology has proven successful in this industry providing unrivalled accuracy, torque, and virtually zero backlash for demanding applications. Through having a larger contact ratio, the precision spiral gear combination achieves high torque density for a given package compared to right-angled gear systems. Alongside Spiradrive, the breadth of Davall’s capabilities finds us in a position to design, manufacture, assemble, and test complex requirements.  

Since 1886, the company has long been associated with the design and manufacture of gearing systems and bespoke gearboxes As part of the MTI Motion brand, the portfolio now includes electric motors, leadscrews & ball-screws, gears & gearboxes, and integrated systems enabling us to design and develop complete solutions. Benefitting from a wide product range, MTI and Davall provide flexibility helping to minimise the number of suppliers our customers manage   

Through continued investment and the support of a highly skilled workforce, Davall Gears maintains its reputation as a manufacturer of complex gearsets. With backing from Steel Partners, we continue to invest in our premises, our people, and new machinery, increasing capacity in line with growing customer demand. 2023 will see the addition of a new Doimak grinder and dramatic facility improvement with over £5 million being spent on a new roof, front façade and solar panels.   

The bar is set high for the future; design support services will continue to evolve increasing customer access to our knowledge and expertise cementing our strong reputation in the marketplace. Davall intends to keep pushing manufacturing capabilities and investment forward with plans in place to double the size of the company in the next five years.