DASA funding for Scottish innovation reaches £10m

Posted on 16 November, 2021 by Advance 

Over 60 innovators based in Scotland have reached a key milestone, receiving over £10 million in Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) funding for defence and security related projects, enabling them to take their ideas to the next level. Since 2016, DASA has been working with innovators all across the UK to help address challenges in defence and security. It achieved this by welcoming ideas from innovators small and large, providing support to those who have not previously worked with Government.

DASA has strengthened and broadened its links to innovators based in Scotland - attracting the best ideas for defence and security and helping them pull those ideas through into capability.

Scotland has thriving digital, data and space technology industries, showcasing a long tradition of tech innovation. Sixty-six highly ambitious Scottish innovators have had their ideas funded through DASA’s Themed Competitions and Open Calls, with the underlying theme being technologies that will help solve the big challenges facing UK security, both present and in the future.

Key technology areas that received funding in Scotland include: Space Technology, Photonics, LIDAR, Ai & Robotics and Materials Science.

DASA works locally, to support and advise innovators of all shapes and sizes, providing a critical link to pull through innovation to help the Ministry of Defence, Home Office, Department for Transport and other Government departments keep the UK safe by staying ahead of the threats the country faces.

DASA have a team of regionally based Innovation Partners, who are available to give advice to suppliers about their ideas and how they can best engage with DASA.

Debra Carr, DASA Scotland Innovation Partner, said: “I’m thrilled that DASA has reached £10 million in funding for projects based in Scotland. It is a testament to the incredible work that has come through our competitions and a great showcase of Scottish contributions to vital areas of defence and security such as space, robotics, artificial intelligence and photonics. We greatly look forward to working with more Scottish innovators in the future.”

DASA’s largest Scottish funding award

The largest funding award to a Scotland-based innovator was received by Spire Global, which received £800k for its Radio Frequency (RF) Signals Detection and Geolocation Project, as part of the Open call for Innovation.

On working with DASA, Theresa Condor, EVP & GM Spire Space Services at Spire Global Inc., said: “It is an honour for us to be selected by DASA for this mission in support of the UK Government and its defence activities and to be recognised as part of Scotland’s innovative space technology scene. Using Spire expertise in signal detection and geolocation, the project will take advantage of our capabilities as a space services provider and utilise the expertise and heritage of our low earth orbit nanosatellite constellation, consisting of more than 100 satellites and 17 ground stations globally.”

If you have an innovative idea for a defence or security challenge, DASA wants to hear from you.

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