Cranfield partners with Translucidus

Posted on 11 February, 2021 by Advance 

Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd, part of Cranfield University, has formed a partnership with ADS Member Translucidus, which includes offering the Beyond Language introductory training as part of their portfolio of short courses.

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ADS Member Translucidus provides support for businesses seeking market entry for the Gulf region, under the guise of 'Beyond Language'. 

From decades of experience, they provide research in response to requirements for information, identify market entry points and help to develop and support business relationships. One of the key elements is assistance with the awareness of the local culture and this part of the business is growing as more companies seek to enter a vibrant market. 

Translucidus views on the vital subject of cultural sensitivity have been published in the Anglo-Omani Society Spotlight series, in Crisis Response Journal, and in Policing Insight.

Translucidus identified that lack of cultural sensitivity in all stages of project progress can present a significant risk to progress and success.  This is acknowledged increasingly by major corporations for this key market area. The 'Beyond Language' training offers standard and bespoke briefings and seminars for businesses.

Topics include rituals and greetings, tradition and hospitality, heritage and honour, the importance of religion and gender and modesty issues. There is a growing portfolio of specialists who offer critical insight into developing business with bespoke subjects from strategic government affairs, through tourism and terrorism to Arab and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Beyond Language has delivered training to government, industry groups, industry, academia and individuals; and enables clients to win and expand business in the region.