Cirium launches Diio Advance Bookings

Posted on 14 June, 2023 by Advance 

Aviation analytics specialist, Cirium, has launched Diio Advance Bookings technology to help airports more accurately forecast passenger demand and enhance their marketing efforts by providing insight into traveller intent.

Image courtesy Cirium

Announced at the ACI JumpStart Air Development Conference in Milwaukee and the 152nd IATA Slot Conference in Dublin, Ireland, this powerful tool enables users to analyse traveller booking behaviour and demand. It reveals the history and course of traveller intent to help anticipate passenger demand for routes and carriers and helps airports, tourism boards, government agencies and the wider hospitality sector, to improve air service development, marketing campaigns and resourcing.

With global coverage and data updated weekly, Diio Advance Bookings provides insights into past, present and future traveller intent, helping stakeholders identify opportunities to attract and retain air services, improve marketing campaign performance and ROI and allocate resources more effectively.

Kim Gesch, Cirium Vice President of Product, said: “Cirium is committed to helping its customers unlock the power of airline analytics.

“With our new product offering, Diio Advance Bookings, we are providing our customers with a modern interface that enables them to easily query and analyse global bookings to gain deeper insights into air travel demand.”

Diio Advance Bookings offers an array of features designed to help customers better understand their markets and optimise their marketing spend. With multi-GDS booking insights, users can see a comprehensive view of global booking trends.

Users can also access data on flights, routes, or markets for a more granular view of what’s happening in the industry. The platform enables the rapid exportation of data for further analysis or reporting purposes.

One of the most powerful features is its ability to analyse booking trends and patterns to generate greater insight around traveller intent so users can make informed decisions about their marketing campaigns, in advance of actual travel date.