Cirium launches AirOps cloud solution Cirium Sky

Posted on 17 November, 2020 by Advance 

A new managed cloud solution – Cirium Sky – has launched been launched by Cirium, providing the first 360-degree view of flights in real-time for the air operations (AirOps) sector.

Image By KoSSSmoSSS / Copyright Shutterstock

Cirium Sky provides a single source of comprehensive aviation and air travel data which streamlines essential data-driven operations, planning and decision-making.

The solution leverages the vast portfolio of flight schedules, fleet, flight performance, aeronautical, system wide information management (SWIM) and traffic and fares datasets, derived from The Cirium Core – a unique mix of proprietary technologies, skills and processes at the heart of the business.

Global aviation and air travel data and analytics company, Cirium, combines data from The Cirium Core and critical contextual data that includes external factors, such as weather and air traffic control directives for more granular analytics and better operational control.

Ian Painter, VP of AirOps at Cirium said: “Cirium Sky, our first managed cloud solution, provides a wealth of data and historical and real-time intelligence in a single secure source to radically improve airlines business operations.

By breaking down data silos in the industry and improving the access to the data, businesses using Cirium Sky can broaden their analyses to include global, regional and competitor insights.

The impact of COVID-19 on air travel has made it more critical than ever for timely, accurate and complete information in a rapidly changing landscape.”

Cirium Sky is a suite of Data-Management-as-a-Service (DMaaS) offerings, meaning data management strategies which use the cloud to deliver data storage, integration, processing and analytics services.

Cirium can relieve industry analysts of the time-consuming and costly process of gathering, cleaning, hosting and managing data. This enables organisations to take charge of their in-house analytics and supports all the major business intelligence tools.

This initial launch of Cirium Sky for air operations is only the first part of Cirium’s cloud-based innovation. The company will soon roll out tailored versions of Cirium Sky to key market segments within aviation.