CCP Gransden undertakes UK's first DTEP approved project

Posted on 6 September, 2021 by Advance 

CCP Gransden will be collaborating with Thales and Ulster University to replace an existing metallic canister with an advanced composite canister in a specialist defence product which constitutes the first project to be approved by the Defence Technology Exploitation Programme (DTEP).

Image courtesy CCP Gransden

The Defence Technology Exploitation Programme (DTEP) is being jointly supported by Invest Northern Ireland (INI) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy (BEIS) and is being run in Northern Ireland, serving as a pilot for the new UK-wide DTEP, the defence sector’s proposed equivalent to NATEP.    

This initial DTEP approved project builds on Thales, Ulster University and CCP Gransden’s history of collaboration on defence canister technology. In 2015, all three parties worked in a NIACE (Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering Centre, technology hub) filament winding project, leading to further development on the Thales Starstreak canister. After delivering positive results, CCP Gransden was in 2018 awarded the full production contract for Thales’ Starstreak canisters.

Thales also sponsored CCP Gransden to achieve the ADS SC21 Bronze award, (with CCP Gransden currently at Silver [2021], on track for Gold-level). The Starstreak canister production involves a tight tolerance assembly of over 50 components. CCP Gransden have to-date produced 100% of the Starstreak canisters on-time, with 100% quality. Notably, Thales have recently secured a £98.4-million contract to maintain the British Army and Royal Marines’ Very Short-Range Air Defence capability until 2026. Collaborative working with a range of trusted firms saved 30% on the expected value of that contract.

The DTEP project will see performance improvements provided through a new advanced composite canister system to upgrade another high-value product in Thales’ outstanding defence portfolio. The project is scheduled for an 18-month duration, 46% funded by INI, and 15% funded by Thales.

It is anticipated this DTEP project will deliver innovative technological solutions which CCP Gransden can use to win new business across the world. This project will hopefully demonstrate positive results for the pilot scheme, allowing it to be scaled up, and rolled out across the wider UK defence network.

Tony Millar, project manager for the DTEP project at CCP Gransden explains “This is an excellent opportunity for CCP Gransden to showcase their extensive composite expertise. The objective is to deliver a more robust, light weight solution to Thales by using the most up to date materials and technologies available.”

Mr Leslie Orr, Director of ADS Northern Ireland, stated “As we seek to further grow the defence industry in Northern Ireland, it is great to see innovative SMEs like CCP Gransden using DTEP to exploit new technologies for the sector. It is also very welcome to see defence primes like Thales and universities developing the local supply base.”

Ulster University boasts a long and successful heritage of creating value from research knowledge. This strong track record in research and innovation continues to address real-world issues of both local and global relevance.

With a 60-year heritage in world class engineering, the Thales Group in Belfast is the leading high technology company in Northern Ireland, employing around 500 people in the defence and space sectors and supporting employment and prosperity through the local supply chain. Through the design and production of high precision, high volume effectors and fire control systems, as well as the integration of weapons onto tactical platforms, Belfast has developed into a centre of excellence for Thales’s air defence and surface attack solutions.  Thales plays an active role in the business community in Northern Ireland, with Belfast site MD Philip McBride serving as Chair of ADS Northern Ireland.

CCP Gransden is trusted by numerous OEM’s and involved in a range of confidential high value projects. This programme will bolster CCP Gransden’s current project portfolio which has seen continued growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. CCP Gransden’s developing opportunities include:

A growing selection of prominent aerospace, automotive, and security and defence clients.

Work as a core member of Project Tucana with Jaguar Land Rover. £35m+ automotive light weighting project. Through this project electric vehicle stiffness increased by 30%, weight decreased by 35kg, and product CO2 emissions reduced by 4.5million tonnes.

Selection as a manufacturing partner in two key next-gen hydrogen pressure vessel programmes.

A positive well-established relationship with Spirit R&D.

Advanced production processes and incorporation of innovative technology such as; rapid tow shearing, embedded sensors and mixed-reality engagement.

CCP Gransden is well-positioned for such projects thanks to its dynamic adaptability. CCP Gransden has one of the UK’s largest selections of advanced composites processes in-house, well-positioned for such projects with its dynamic adaptability. Key specialties include continuous overmoulding and single stage overmoulding of thermoplastic composites, resin infusion including HPRTM, 7 axis filament winding, automated manufacturing cells to produce at high-rates, and in-house supporting equipment to respond faster, delivering the optimum solutions. The company's services are also enhanced through a range of key accreditations, high security, exceptional quality controls, excellent simulation and manufacturing software, integrated data capture and full product traceability (birth certificate).

CCP Gransden will be showcasing its advanced composites design and manufacturing solutions on its exhibitor stand at DSEI 14th-17th September 2021.