Capewell increases support to UK warfighters through European subsidiary

Posted on 11 February, 2022 by Advance 

Engineering aviation and life support solutions provider, Capewell, has established a European subsidiary - Capewell Europe - in the UK, to provide continuing support to allied warfighters in Europe.


Lieutenant General (retired) Edward Davis, CB, CBE, has been named Capewell Europe’s Strategic Director.
Courtesy Capewell

“We are creating this subsidiary within the context of AUKUS, which is an enhanced trilateral security partnership between Australia, the UK and the US,” said Gregory Bloom, Capewell’s CEO. “It is also as a result of ongoing defence interoperability efforts and our national focus on allies and partners.”

Lieutenant General (retired) Edward Davis, CB, CBE, has been named Capewell Europe’s Strategic Director. Davis served for 35 years in the Naval Service as a Royal Marines Officer, was the 63rd Commandant General Royal Marines and Commander United Kingdom Amphibious Forces, and served as the Deputy Commander of NATO Land Command Headquarters. In January 2016, upon retirement from the military, he was appointed by Her Majesty The Queen as the 67th Governor and Commanderin-Chief of Gibraltar, completing this tenure in February 2020.

“We are proud to bring over 140 years of performance and expertise to our allies in the UK, supporting global freedom and liberty,” added Bloom. “Capewell Europe is a significant step forward for Capewell’s global expansion efforts, and it’s both appropriate and fitting that our longest and most trusted ally is the home of our first overseas subsidiary. Delivering capabilities to UK service members that increase survivability and enable mission accomplishment is at the heart of what we do.”

Lt Gen Davis expressed his delight at Capewell’s commitment to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and its service members. “Having recently established Capewell Europe as a subsidiary company in the UK, Capewell is determined to offer the UK MoD world-leading capabilities that enable the Nation’s Armed Forces to continue to make a decisive contribution to international peace and stability in our dynamically changing world,” said Davis. “It is a challenge we relish and are determined to meet.”

Capewell Europe will enable real-time, in-country expertise in solution development, coordination and synchronisation with the Ministry of Defence and other defence entities.

“Capewell is currently engaged with the UK MoD in providing unique, mission-tailored solutions for UK Defence Forces,” said Davis. “Our passion is centered on innovative engineering solutions and premium products that save lives and increase mission success across the globe, and our history of support to the Ministry of Defence validates this passion.”