CAAi awarded FSTD framework contract by Transport Malta

Posted on 19 January, 2021 by Advance 

CAA International (CAAi), the technical cooperation arm of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA), has been formally awarded an extensive framework contract to deliver flight simulator training device (FSTD) evaluations and training services to the Civil Aviation Directorate of Transport Malta.

Image courtesy CAAi

The two-year contract will provide Transport Malta with access to a wider range of regulatory capabilities to support the rapid growth in Malta’s International Aircraft Register.

Under the framework agreement, CAAi will assist Transport Malta with the evaluation of Maltese Flight Simulator Training Devices. Regulators from the UK CAA will advise on FSTD national approvals and make recommendations on applying EASA standards. CAAi will also be assigned to carry out a training needs analysis of FSTD inspectorate staff and roll out a series of professional development training programmes to support the sustainable growth and development of Transport Malta’s FSTD regulatory competencies.
Speaking after the contract signing, Maria Rueda, CAAi Managing Director, commented: “We are delighted to announce the first of several new strategic partnerships with our regulatory counterparts in the European Union. As Malta’s civil aviation sector continues to grow exponentially, we look forward to working with Transport Malta to enhance its FSTD regulatory capability. Together, we are fully committed to delivering a first-class regulatory service to the Maltese aviation industry and the two million-plus tourists from across the world that typically visit the beautiful islands of Malta each year.”

Captain Charles Pace, Director General for Civil Aviation in Malta, added: “The agreement will allow the Civil Aviation Directorate within Transport Malta to increase efficiency by adding to our team, years of experience and expertise of the UK CAAi inspectors. We are absolutely delighted with the agreement and are eager to work hand in hand on various projects in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. There has always been a very good relationship with our UK counterparts, and we are confident that the agreement will be extremely beneficial to both parties.”

The framework contract went live on 27th November 2020.