CAAi and Embry-Riddle enter aviation security training partnership

Posted on 4 November, 2021 by Advance 

CAA International (CAAi) and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding focused initially on the development and delivery of aviation security and cyber security training in South America.

Image courtesy Embry-Riddle

Signed virtually by Embry-Riddle’s Chancellor, John Watret, Ph.D and CAAi Managing Director, Maria Rueda, the partnership merges the extensive experience of the world’s largest aviation & aerospace university with the regulatory expertise of the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Speaking after the MoU signing, Maria Rueda said: “We are delighted to embark on this new cooperation with Embry-Riddle and look forward to expanding our aviation security training and assistance to South America.”

Kevin Sawyer, Senior Manager of Aviation Security at CAAi, added: “As the aviation industry grows and new technologies emerge, the threats to civil aviation diversify. Working with Embry-Riddle, we are committed to helping and educating aviation regulators and industry organisations to manage these threats and develop resilient aviation security and cyber security oversight systems to ensure aviation remains safe and trusted globally.”

This partnership supports the principles of ICAO’s GASeP plan. By growing aviation security training and educational resources in South America, CAAi and Embry-Riddle plan to enhance aviation security oversight and compliance, aviation security awareness and quality control.

John Watret, Ph.D said: “We are very pleased to enter this partnership with CAAi in South America. As a university that maintains a reputation for endorsing a culture of safety, this is an opportunity to enhance that culture through collaboration. Both Embry-Riddle and CAAi recognise the opportunity to proactively train to mitigate potential threats, and this training programme will be designed to fulfil this obligation to ensure safety and confidence in civil aviation.”

CAA International (CAAi) is the technical cooperation arm of the UK Civil Aviation Authority. CAAi provides regulatory advice, training, capacity building programmes and examination services to aviation regulators and industry organisations across the globe.

Drawing on  expertise from within the UK regulator, CAAi helps organisations design and implement regulatory best practice to comply with international regulatory standards.

In 2019, CAAi trained over 2,500 aviation professionals and worked in over 60 countries.