Broder Metals partners with 6K Additive

Posted on 27 June, 2024 by Advance 

As it accelerates sustainable production of advanced materials for additive manufacturing, 6K Additive (a division of 6K) has announced it is partnering with several distributors and agents to create a network of international commercial partners covering select countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including Sheffield based Broder Metals Group for the UK.

Image courtesy Broder Metals Group

Specifically, Broder Metals Group will distribute material in the UK and Ireland, materials in India will be distributed by Advance Metal Powder, while lnfotron/Plastosel will cover Turkey and Intelligent AM will supply powder in Israel, UAE and Saudi Arabia as agents. The company will selectively add new distributors and agents over the coming months based on market demand and identifying the partners best suited to represent 6K Additive.
Nick Pflugh, Chief Commercial Officer for 6K Additive, said: "The breadth of material offerings we have, the quality standards, and the sustainability benefits have attracted customers globally to 6K Additive. Having local professionals who not only understand the customer requirements but also understand materials and applications for metal additive manufacturing is crucial to support the international market. Our new network of agents and distributors each excel at helping customers qualify the right material for the right application. We are excited to welcome them to the extended team of 6K Additive."

The 6K UniMelt plasma production system is uniquely capable of converting metal scrap and end-of-life parts into high-performance metal powders for additive manufacturing, metal injection molding and other powder metallurgy production techniques. By doing so, they provide for the first time, access to a vast domestic supply of strategically important metals and alloys such as nickel and titanium from machine shops and boneyards, as well as refractory powders such as C103, tungsten and others that are critical to hypersonic and nuclear applications. The patented 6K Additive process cleans, prepares and spheroidizes scrap alloys into high-quality powders with performance superior to atomisation technologies.

The expanded distribution network announcement follows 6K Additive's life cycle assessment projects for titanium and nickel powders. Quantifying the environmental impact of producing printable metal powders and comparing atomisation technology methods to 6K Additive's process, the independent study found that 6K's UniMelt process delivered a 91% energy reduction and 92% carbon emission reduction from traditional processes for Ni718 powder. The independent study can be downloaded here.