BMT appoints Peter Behrendt as Global Strategy and Innovation Director

Posted on 27 October, 2020 by Advance 

BMT has appointed Peter Behrendt as its Global Director of Strategy and Innovation.


Peter Behrendt, Global Strategy and Innovation Director, BMT.
Courtesy BMT

The announcement this month also coincides with BMT receiving recognition and being selected by Australian Financial Review as one of Australasia’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020.
Peter joined BMT in 2017 as Managing Director for the Australian Defence and Security business. A role that he has now handed over to Chelly Litster, who has been with BMT since the acquisition of Effectiva in 2018.
Peter is an experienced business leader whose background includes operational, commercial, and business development positions within leading international companies, including spending nine-years with SAAB. In his new role as BMT’s Director of Strategy and Innovation he will lead the team responsible for developing, executing, and articulating BMT’s corporate strategy.
Sarah Kenny, CEO, BMT said: “I am delighted to have someone of Pete’s calibre in this new role leading strategy and innovation. We have an ambitious and exciting strategy to grow, helping our customers to solve evermore complex and challenging problems. I know Pete will bring great energy and insight to this important role."

“Pete will be instrumental to the execution of our world-wide growth strategy. His experience, diverse knowledge and keen focus on exploiting business opportunities will be key to BMT’s future growth and success.” commented BMT Global Business Development Director, Rob Teasdale.

Commenting on his new role, Peter said: “I look forward to making a real difference to some of the global challenges that our customers face. It is about us being passionate about our ‘four core sectors’ in an era of renewed great power competition, ongoing naval modernisation and military expansion efforts, and as well while defence expenditure and procurement trends are on the up for the rising powers located in emerging markets.
“My main goal is to ensure that BMT stays one step ahead of our competitors by identifying strategic growth initiatives within these four strategic sectors that include maritime design, asset monitoring and performance, environmental and climate solutions and defence and security. We must aim to proactively drive disruption instead of being disrupted. This will involve coming up with solutions that challenge existing business models and I am confident that we have all of the necessary levers in place to achieve this.”
“BMT is now looking to replicate its global successes as ‘The Maritime Pioneer’, within the APAC region. The strategy is all the more timely for this 2020/21, as at the epicentre of the world’s maritime technology revolution, BMT is recognised as the ‘tech behind the tech’. Having launched several exciting innovations for Maritime including TUFLOW, REMBRANDT, SARIS, BMT DEEP, MATE, several Digital Data Transformation platforms and proprietary machine learning risk modelling applications. In addition, through the pursuit of new venture opportunities BMT will seek to build on its global brand presence and cultivate growth and value in its emerging portfolios.” Concludes Behrendt.
Peter is based in Adelaide, Australia and will oversee strategy and innovation globally for BMT.