BCB to build Firedragon factory in Ukraine

Posted on 13 May, 2024 by Advance 

BCB International Ltd have won a UK Government grant that will allow for the implementation of the FireDragon Fuel for Ukraine (FFU) project.
Image courtesy BCB

Funds will be used to coordinate market research and to set up a solidified ethanol factory in Ukraine. The project is concerned with helping the most vulnerable in Ukraine, therefore fuel affordability and social inclusivity is at the heart of the project.
Funds will introduce FireDragon to the following target markets:

The Ukrainian Military - FireDragon was employed by the British MoD in 2014 following reports that hexamine was damaging frontline soldiers’ health. The project aims to distribute our clean cooking fuel to the Ukrainian military to ensure frontline soldiers have access to a high performing, clean cooking fuel.
The internally displaced – Ukraine contains 3.7 million displaced people; many have resorted to using traditional fuels for cooking. Increasing costs of firewood is forcing many to explore forests which are littered with unexploded mines. The project will work with NGO's to ensure our clean cooking fuel is made available to those who have been displaced by the War.
Ukrainian households - Nationwide blackouts are extremely common, therefore it is imperative that a safe to use clean cooking fuel is available in times of blackout.

Andrew Howell Managing Director of BCB International said: “BCB International are delighted to be setting up a factory to manufacture our Fire Dragon eco solid fuel in Ukraine. We will be proud to be supporting and helping not just the Ukrainian armed forces in the front line, but also the civilian population, when the power infrastructure is damaged.”