B&H Worldwide achieves airside status at two New Zealand airports

Posted on 16 August, 2023 by Advance 

B&H Worldwide has gained airside licences for its drivers to operate vehicles at both Auckland and Christchurch airports in New Zealand.


(left to right) Darren Sutton - Operations & Driver, Lee Hedges - NZ Branch Manager and Joel Toali'i - Transport & Warehouse.
Courtesy B&H Worldwide

After undertaking and passing tests which include showing a full understanding of airside driving and what to do in an emergency team members working in both cities now have airside licences.

Passing the airside exam and achieving Airside Driving Permits (ADP) means the company can now provide secure airside delivery to its airline customers’ engineers for their urgent AOG/routine delivery needs. It no longer has to rely on third party operators to provide the service. B&H’s own trucks will now operate daily at New Zealand’s two leading airports for both collections and hand deliveries, guaranteeing that line maintenance engineers receive their AOG and time-critical spares at the point of demand.

B&H Worldwide’s New Zealand Branch Manager, Lee Hedges, said: “Having Airside access allows us to hand-deliver critically required components directly to line maintenance engineering teams for immediate fitment to the aircraft. As experts in aviation & aerospace logistics, B&H is one of a very few transport organisations to provide final-mile airside transport services for our airline customers and this new access means improved response times for them.”  

B&H Worldwide’s forward stocking locations and inventory warehousing hubs are located close to major airports around the globe which perfectly positions the company to handle its customers’ time-sensitive and ad-hoc delivery needs airside. In Auckland the company will operate a 3.5t truck with tail lift, while at Christchurch a 1.5t vehicle with tail lift is operated.

Auckland and Christchurch join London Heathrow, Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney in the company roster of stations where B&H Worldwide has held airside access for many years.