Aviance Ghana implements CHAMP’s Cargospot Handling

Posted on 26 October, 2021 by Advance 

Aviance Ghana Ltd. has implemented CHAMP’s Cargospot Handling solution, which will provide support to the Accra-based handling company’s operations across the country.

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CHAMP implemented the solution remotely – reducing costs of travel, delays and streamlining the process. Aviance staff was fully trained via CHAMP Academy.

CHAMP’s Cargospot Handling is a sophisticated and comprehensive cargo operations and terminal management system that is straightforward and efficient for ground handlers and terminal operators to use, allowing for easy training with minimal training time required. With a high breadth of functionality and automation.

CHAMP Academy offers product training, retraining and certification in the form of blended learning, which is a combination of e-learning and flipped classroom sessions. Course content is mobile responsive and can be delivered on any device. This modernises the training delivery by using a blended learning approach. In March 2020, CHAMP Academy introduced Cargospot Handling.

“In a time of crisis in the air cargo industry, Cargospot Handling has provided crucial efficiencies to our business,” said Mark Kamis, Managing Director at Aviance Ghana Ltd. “The delivery was a success and CHAMP Academy has furnished us with engaging and informative training materials that will no doubt be useful for our current and future employees.”

“Aviance Ghana Ltd is a major player in Ghana – we are pleased it is now powered by CHAMP,” said Nicholas Xenocostas, VP Commercial & Customer Engagement at CHAMP Cargosystems. “Our technologies and operations have been able to create effective processes for swift remote implementation, saving time and money for our customers. CHAMP Academy, likewise, provides a library of learning to ensure the solution’s maximum effectiveness.”

CHAMP Academy has also launched learning services for Traxon Global Customs, Traxon Global Security and Cargospot Airline.