Aquila to support Falklands and UK air defence

Posted on 3 February, 2022 by Advance 

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has appointed UK-based Aquila Air Traffic Management Services (Aquila) to support its air defences in the Southwest of England and the Falkland Islands.

Image courtesy Aquila

Aquila will provide surveillance and communications services to the MoD at air defence radar sites at Portreath in Cornwall and mountain locations in the Falkland Islands.

At a time when the UK aviation sector has experienced a significant downturn due to the global pandemic, the new deal is positive news for British industry and for Aquila, based near Fareham in Hampshire.

Aquila already provides air defence support services to the MoD at test ranges in the Shetland Islands and Outer Hebrides.  Under the new MoD partnership, known as Project Sanson, Aquila extends its support of air defence sites beyond the UK.

The company specialises in integrated solutions and support services for air traffic management, air defence and safety critical infrastructure. It is leading the transformation of the MoD’s air traffic management capability at airfields across UK and overseas, including the Falkland Islands.  

Aquila Chief Executive Officer, Michael Stoller, said: “Aquila has been providing highly resilient technical services on the ground to the MoD since the company was formed.  Our services ensure safe and secure operations in the skies and extending our capability to other UK military services provides efficiencies for UK defence.

“We are delighted to be able to expand our partnership with the MoD and look forward to working alongside the military personnel who protect us every day.  We are incredibly proud to support the defence of the UK and its allies.”

Aquila has a permanent team based in the Falkland Islands at the British Forces Mount Pleasant Complex. It will employ additional specialist engineers to maintain the remote air defence radar sites in the Falklands and Cornwall.  

Twenty-one new roles are being created by Aquila to support the air defence radars in the Falkland Islands and at Portreath.

Michael Stoller added: “It’s great to be able to offer professional engineering roles to people based in the Falklands as well as the Southwest of the UK.”